A downloadable zine

Part of Poetry Jam; February 2020

This is the first iteration of this zine. It has the poems in it! That's it...for now!
I am going to be printing this book, annotating it, dooding in it, collaging in it, remixing it, and re-scanning and putting it back together. Who knows how many versions it will have - I want to play, and I want to practice being more patient. 

This collection features:
Weird moods. Disordered moods. Good moods. Annie Dillard moods. Friend moods. Family moods. Xploding Plastix moods. 
Holding Women (Loving women more each day than the last).

The title is from this thing I drew on a bad day -

[Image description: Lined notebook paper with simple cartoony drawings in black pen. The artist's head is in the top left, they have short hair and eyes that are looking to the left and squinting. A thought bubble says "I better not make that mistake again." To the right is the same head looking to the right with a thought bubble that says "People make mistakes their whole lives." In the middle of the page the head looks forward and has pursed eyebrows and a frown. The thought bubble has a scribble of lines in it. In the bottom left the head's eyes are wide. The thought bubble says "People can learn their whole lives." In the bottom right the head's eyes are half closed and have tired wrinkles in the corners, with raised eyebrows. The thought bubble says "That's a little better."]

That's all for now...thanks for stopping by.


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PeopleCanLearn_1.1.txt 7 kB


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this was lovely.